Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weight Loss - Too Quick!

Day 3: I went to the gym and did some regular exercises like treadmill, cycling and weights (small ones - 1 kg). But I added one more exercise on behest of my friend, which she saw on the net, and this included the Fat Burning Big Ball Workout. The steps are as follows:
  • Lie straight on your back.
  • Put the fitness ball in between your feet.
  • The feet should be placed right in the middle of the fitness ball, on the sides.
  • Now lift your feet along with the fitness ball so that you can pass it to your hands.
  • Take the hands with ball above your head.
  • Now bring it back and pass on to your feet.
  • Repeat the cycle at least 3 times in the beginning.
The exercise was tough for me, but I loved it especially because I felt strain on my thighs, back and abs.

After coming back home I felt hungry and wanted to eat something that would aid in my weight loss endeavor. So  I decided to have buttermilk and boiled egg. Buttermilk contains whey protein which gets quickly absorbed and goes right into your muscles. It was filling and at the same time nutritious.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am Becoming Overweight!!

Ever since we have moved to our new place, I have less work to do – guess because my kids are older and don’t demand much of my attention. So all I am left with is my laptop and a few household chores.

Over a past few months, I noticed that my belly is bulging a little, and this worried me a lot – mostly because my old pair of jeans is not fitting me. Whenever I wore them, my belly kind of hanged over the belt. It was too embarrassing especially when I wore shirts that flaunted my figure. Because this time instead of the shape that I was proud of always, my bulge showed – and it showed badly! So I decided to take matter in hands and have started with a small regime devised by me. I started it last week and I am beginning to notice little results. (Well, when you have gained weight, even small results matter and you feel confident that you have taken a step to look good.) Moreover, I am motivated to carry this regime onwards – mostly because I saw results right in the first week. Am I happy!! So I decided that I am going to share it with you all on weekly basis.

Last week:

Day 1: I went to a small party where I met like-minded friends who were interested in losing weight. While all of them wanted to lose weight – they wanted some quick way without interrupting their normal lifestyle. How can this be possible? For example there’s this friend who is a teacher at school and doesn’t want to bulge from her chair while she wants to go for some quick weight loss methods! This simply can’t be...

But, I was lucky and found a friend who shared my level of motivation and actually wanted to shed weight. There was only one problem – she didn’t want to buy any of those expensive regimes offered on the Internet. No Problem! At least she wanted to work out. And that how it started.

Day 2: We decided to go slow on the weight loss routine, and we just went for morning walks. At first I around walked a field of 400 m 4 times. This made me sweat and was an eye opener – MY STAMINA WAS ALSO LOW! 20-25 minutes of walking was a gargantuan task for a person who is not overweight. So if you guys aren’t overweight and make fun of obese people, think twice – you may not be the fit one. Exercises not only make you feel fit, they make you lose weight.

On coming back to home, I decided to eat my regular meal at breakfast, but stopped myself. I am sure I must have burnt at least 100 calories (maybe less) on my first day of waking my body from slumber. Thus I ate something which had less calories and which could get digested easily into my system and at the same time not get converted into stubborn fats. So, I had boiled EGG (70 cal). After a while I again felt hungry, and my stomach rebelled.

I am a freelancer and I have numerous projects at hand all the time. This makes me sit in front of the computer for a long time and honestly I feel hungry after every brainwork I do. Thus I need to feed my brain, too.

I took “lemonize” – my own creation – one glass water + one teaspoon honey + few drops of lemon. I had it and there VIOLA! my stomach was fed for the coming 3-4 hours whereby I didn’t feel hungry at all.

To be continued....