Monday, September 8, 2014

My Weight Loss Report - Must Read

Hi Friends,

I have come back to this blog after a long time! Just been very busy with my work. The good is that all these years that I have stayed away from this blog, I was researching and experimenting my own diet regime.

My diet has helped many people reduce weight. Honestly I didn't have enough time to exercise. My 9-9 routine is pretty stressful and I simply don't like to go out to exercise during weekend. So I thought if dieting.

There are so many people on the Internet who are gurus of this niche. But how many can you follow? Well, the point is that I got confused after browsing this jargon on weight loss. So I decided to take control and devise my own diet and weight loss regime.

Okay, I am a vegetarian. So maybe this also helps a lot. What I did was that I cut my carbohydrates to the extent that my body started using fats to get energy. In short my program is backed by years of experience, and has been researched extensively, and most importantly, has helped many people to lose weight.

I have documented this in my report on my website at 

This free diet plan is backed by years of extensive research and my personal experience. It is an essential read to anyone who has tried everything and failed to slim...

Hope you enjoy!