Monday, August 31, 2009

Atkins Diet

Have you ever heard of atkins diet? Atkins diet is a powerful nutritional plan that helps in weight loss. It actually tells you how by eating right food you can reduce weight. It is an easy program that was made by keeping you in mind and is divided into 4 phases. What is the theory? Let’s delve…

When you eat excess of carbohydrates, your body burns some of them while stores the rest of them. So if you eat less of carbohydrates, your body will burn all of them and also some of the fats to get its primary fuel. With Atkins diet you can reduce upto 15 pounds in just the initial 14 days! However, you have to stay active. This means don’t quit playing tennis or basketball, or don’t stop working in your garden. Rather direct your regime to a more moderate physical activity level.

With atkins diet you can enjoy those delicious meals, in between snacks and also go to your favorite restaurants. Yet another benefit is that you will stay away from problems like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes. The main course consists of Asian Vegetable Bowls and noodles, asparagus, mushrooms, walnuts, peas, baked tuna, baked cheddar etc. the beverages include Iced tea, lemonade, Pia colada, Rasberry Frappe etc. Basically there is a lot of choice to select from once you opt for the Atkins Diet.

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  1. It's great that there are so many foods to chose from on the Atkins diet. Even raspberry frappe! I thought you had to give up sugar altogher...