Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best weight Loss Diets For Vegetarians

Just like any other diet plan, the best vegetarian weight loss diet entails a BALANCED meal plan. when your body is healthy, it is easiest to lose weight. Mentioned below are different serving suggestions for 3 types of calorie requirement:

Type of Food
1200 Calories: Grains 5 servings, Vegetables 3 servings, Fruits 2 servings, Dairy products and milk 2 servings, Dry beans, nuts, eggs 5 oz

1500 Calories: Grains 6 servings, Vegetables 3 servings, Fruits 3 servings, Dairy products and milk 2-3 servings, Dry beans, nuts, eggs 6 oz 

1800 Calorie: Grains 8 servings,Vegetables 5 servings, Fruits 4 servings, Dairy products and milk 2-3 servings, Dry beans, nuts, eggs 7 oz
The important factor here is that whatever diet plan you choose, diet nutrition is the most important. Choose from a different variety of food like fruits, legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Unrefined foods intake should be minimized and any food that contains high sugar and high fat translates into weight gain!

Limit the intake of cheese and other dairy products that have high fat content as they have a high content of saturated fats. Remember that the vegans should include lots of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D in case they have limited exposure to sun.

With a 1200 calories diet chart ensure that you are taking lots of supplemental nutrition as it will not suffice your body's nutritional aspect.


  1. Hi,

    I came across this interesting blog today.

    I have experienced that Fruit diet also it a very effective diet plan for weight loss. I lost 6 pounds in one week. You will not feel those cravings and tiredness as on other diets. Just keep having lots of fruits and water as when you feel like. This way a lot of toxins get out of your body!

    Btw, will be visiting your blog often :-)

  2. Well,

    Changing of habits is hard. Whatever diet nutrition supplements which you decide to follow give yourself a helping hand and a much better chance of success by following a few simple suggestions. Get some exercise. If you have been given the go ahead from your family health provider began a exercise program. Start out slow to began with such as a nice leisurely walk after supper or before your noon meal. Exercise will not only burn off some calories but put you in a better frame of mind mentally. Exercise can help limit the hunger pains when you first start your diet.

  3. I guess you are right. Cardio exercises are the key to it.