Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 Tips on Vegetarian Weight Loss - Vegan diet

Vegan Tip 1: Just throw away that junk food and white sugar. Try to leave the meat too

Vegan Tip 2: How about joining a support group? It will keep you motivated. Also you can find vegetarians who can guide you with their regime.

Vegan Tip 3: Contact the local bodies or nutritionist who can send you free vegetarian starter packs.

Vegan Tip 4: Try out vegetarian recipes supplementing for the meat. For example try out a veggie burger, tofu instead of pork in green curry, and vegetable pies.

Vegan Tip 5: Consume less milk and dairy products and less of red meat. You don’t have to give up eating meat. Just eat lean meat like fish. Supplement with more vegetables whenever you feel hungry.

Vegan Tip 6: Try consuming organic vegetables - ones which are grown in farms which do not use pesticides. Have more of whole grain breads, beans, rice, nuts and cereals.

Vegan Tip 7: Don’t worry so much about protein. An average human body only needs 8% of dietary protein. Did you know that that amount of protein can be found in an orange?

Vegan Tip 8: Do regular exercises and take plenty of water. Your body will feel a lot healthier and better.

Vegan Tip 9: Try to see if you have a local vegan community.

Vegan Tip 10: Last but not the least – remove stress!

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  1. Thanks for the blog! I recently became vegetarian on a permanent basis after trying the 21-Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse (which includes a vegan diet.) There are a lot of resources out there for both vegan and vegetarian diets. One thing to be careful of is that a lot of "vegetarian" foods are definitely not "vegan" - especially things like veggie burgers.

    (my blog which includes my Quantum Wellness Cleanse Journal)