Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Growing Tall Related to Weight-loss?

How to Grow Tall and Reduce Weight? Often people ask me about the relationship between growing tall and weight loss. There are many misconceptions about this issue. So let me unfold the first misconception! If we reduce weight can we become taller even after 20-21 yrs. Well, definitely NO! Your body grows in length till the age of 18 and after that all you do is gain weight or age. However prior to 18 you can definitely help yourself and grow taller by sustained efforts.

One of the best ways to grow tall is to increase your HGH levels and reduce the weight. For all this you need to change your diet, sleep more and exercise. Even though it sounds easy many people do not follow the regime after 3 or 4 weeks.

What is an ideal diet in this case? It should include some proteins, minimal sugar and minimal fats. It is a proven fact that the fats and sugar (especially the white sugar) tends to prevent the secretion of HGH. Conversely the proteins help our bodies in giving it proper amino acids so that it builds new tissues and a lean muscle mass. HGH is a growth hormone that allows the bones of the children to grow into adult bones. However too much of HGH in adults mean thickening of the bones (not lengthening) and too little HGH in childhood means that a condition of dwarfism may occur.

Both insulin and obesity can decrease the levels of HGH in the body. People who are obese can have several health problems which are related to inflammation and hormonal imbalance only because their HGH is not high enough. Moreover as we age, our body tends to produce less and less HGH. This means that we have to take action and change our diet.

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