Saturday, September 26, 2009

7 Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a very touchy subject and people across the world are fighting with the problem of obesity. Did you know that obesity is the main cause of ailments like strokes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes? Moreover in case you are planning to have a surgery performed, and if you are obese, you can have problems related to treatments. So why not lose weight fast and solve the root problem of all the miseries in the world. Here are 7 effective Ways To Lose Weight:

1. Diet programs are very popular these days. Atkins diet is one of the most famous one. This diet asks you to eat food in a structured manner and you have to follow the food pyramid in the diet. The diet is catered to both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians.

2. Many nutritionists are of the opinion that you must have 5-6 meals in a day rather than having 3 full meals. This way you can reduce up to 30% of your actual eating amount. Now that will contribute to a tremendous weight loss. However, people often leave this diet after a few weeks only to gain weight later.

3. Any meal plan is not fully effective unless you exercise. Thus exercising is very important. Not only does it melts your fats, it also helps in strengthening your muscle mass. One of the best exercise is weight training which helps in building your muscle mass and reducing your fats.

4. Have you heard of green weight loss? If you can leave the charm of your air-conditioned car and travel via public transport, you can shed your weight faster. Additionally you save a lot of money and fossil fuel.

5. How about losing weight with the help of natural herbs. Natural herbs contain ingredients which help in increasing the metabolic system of the body which in turn helps in melting the fats. Also ensure that you are taking herbs which have been grown organically.

6. Sometimes we just cannot eliminate the sugar factor from our life. But refined sugar such as corn syrup, sucrose and fructose are the real culprits. So it would be good if you can substitute these with natural sugars like honey, blackstrap molasses and date powder.

7. Bleached white flour products are one of the main causes of weight gain. In this the process of bleaching removes the valuable nutrients and left are the harmful ingredients that create disharmony within our body, thereby making us fat.


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