Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tips on Exercises to lose weight

In the previous section I told which exercises you should do in order to lose weight fast. These exercises not only provide a sustained effect on your body, they can also be maintained for a long time. You should perform exercises that are gradable. The exercises should have an option in which your can add further resistance. This is because as muscles need resistance to grow, even our cardio respiratory system requires resistance so that it is pulled out of its comfortable zone and produce great effects. The treadmills, bicycles and the step aerobic exercises are some of the best grading exercises. As the time passes, you will be able to perform them better.

However, you must avoid sports like golf, football and basketball. Actually these sports do not provide a sustained effect and greatly reduce the consequences. But you can push them in the secondary basket if you don’t feel like exercising today. Remember to be consistent in your regime.

What is an aerobic exercise? It is an activity that increases the heart rate in the target zone while maintaining it for at least 20 more minutes. The formula is:

220 – Your age = maximum heart rate

Target zone = 70 or 80%

Thus if you are 35 years of age, then:

220 – 35 = 185 beats per minute (should be your maximum heart rate)

So the target zone becomes = between 70-80% of 185

Target zone = 130 to 150 beats per min

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