Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vegetarian Weight Loss

Did you know that according to the experts even though the obesity is skyrocketing in the general population, it stands at 0-6% in the vegetarians? Additionally the body weight of the vegetarians is almost 3-20% lower than that of the meat eaters. Both the vegetarian and vegan diets were put to study by the researchers and it was found that a vegan regime can lower as much as 1 pound per week. However during that week it is not necessary to go for additional exercises. Thus even if you eat food that is high in fiber content such as fruits and vegetables and whole grains, you will have a healthy body weight with no hunger pangs.

Further delving into the theory the researchers found that a vegan diet can burn more calories after you have taken the meals. This alternatively means that the food that is plant based is used more effectively by the body as its fuel. The fact is that the insulin sensitivity increases which allows the nutrients to swiftly enter the cells, which then converted into heat (energy) instead of getting converted into fats.

Thus meat eaters who switch over to the plant based diet put on less weight than the ones who continue eating it.

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