Thursday, September 10, 2009

How To Play Safe On Weight Loss?

Weight loss is an extremely important subject and we as humans especially are very impatient. We want our bodies to lose weight almost instantly. Now we do know what it takes to achieve that perfect slim figure but then we want an alternative that is faster and EASIER! It is for this reason that the diet industry is booming. Did you know that almost 90-95% dieters regain their weight back? However, this does not falter their ambitions and they are on a lookout for yet another better, faster and safer diet program. There are numerous eating programs floating around the internet but they have all faded in importance. The newest of the entire lot are the diet pills. 

There are a few diet pills available in the market, however they are prescribed. These diet pills suppress the appetite and have to be taken under supervision. So, some companies have now come up with over-the-counter diet pills. The newest in the market is called Alli - a pill that was in the Irish shelves. Also known as Orlistat, it helps in absorbing fat. However, it can cause adverse reaction if you do not change your diet or lifestyle. Manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, this diet pill is used by approximately 50,000 Irish ever since it debuted in the market.

The pill is available to those whose BMI is more than 28. It promises to lose at least 50% more weight than what you were doing individually. But Alli got a few setbacks when the Medical Board in Ireland recieved 6 cases of adverse reports and FDA recieved 32 reports on liver damage.

However, Alli is standing firm on its grounds and says that if people stick to the diet plan, they will less chances to suffer.

So, amidst this whole confusion, how about going herbal?


  1. Yeah I agree with you! Why go taking these random drugs that people are making up, just to get thin and impress other people, or just take natural herbal remedies.

  2. Ok, I was reading something in the news about Alli/Orlista recently. According to the article, the FDA have received more than 30 reports that this drug could cause liver damage, and to think, I was going to buy this for someone recently, but I am not a major fan of weight loss pills anyway, so I don't know what gave me the idea of wanting to buy it.

    The BBC news article was discussing the possibility that this drug could cause liver damage. The lnik to the story can be found at

    I have written a few tips on how to lose weight, I think I will be updating it as I haven't read it in a while and I may have something new to add to it.