Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Quickly Lose Weight

In case you want to achieve fast weight loss from the best methods, then there are many ways by which you can do it. Here I am going to discuss a few methods which are vegetarian.

  1. Cabbage soup: Cabbage soup is great for people who want to achive fast weight loss. But consuming so much cabbage all the time can become irritable. So you can try alternating it with tomato soup also.
  2. Lemonade: This is a great diet plan if you want fast weight loss. It is not as smelly as the cabbage diet. However, it should not be used for a very long time. Researches indicate that it can affect your mood swings. 
  3. Fasting: Often people love to fast to get fast weight loss results. But fasting is not a permanent solution and your body regains the same weight as soon as you leave fasting. The theory is little complicated. basically your body reaches a plateau once it burns too many calories after days of fasting and refuses to burn any more calories because then it wants to conserve energy.
  4. Exercising: Exercising is the best fast weight loss method. But if it is accompanied with a great vegetarian diet, the results will be better. 
One other method of sheding weight quickly is by a method called calorie shifting. In this different types of foods are used to trick the body's metabolic activity. You can achive good results in a short duration.


  1. Hi good advice, my experience has been that a diet with no or very little carbohydrate and mainly protein is very effective in weight loss

  2. Hi Bhavana,

    Yes you are quite right but then there are different types of diets one can follow for weight loss.