Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Green Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of Green weight loss? It was seen that a man can lose upto 70 pounds if he uses public transport. Most of the time people like to drive their own vehicles to the work station rather than going via public transport as it is much easier. Last year there was a series of incidents, which resulted in a short supply of fuel for the cars. Did you know that people actually paid $3-4 for waiting in their cars at the jams? So many people decided to leave their cars and opt for the public transport.

This practice yielded in losing upto 70 pounds of weight and an yearly saving of thousands of dollars. Additionally the people who adopted this policy, tried eating healthy food to keep fit. You can add lots of vegetables that can act as anti-oxidants which even enhance your immune system.

You don't have to worry anymore about the car insurance! Other eco-friendly ways of weight loss include exercising by seeing video podcasts rather than the DVDs. there are loads of yoga, pilates, bootcamp and other fitness exercises on the iTunes.

How about choosing muscles over the motor. This way you can use your body by mopping the floors to acting like washing machines. It might be tiring but it is definitely a green way to stay fit.


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    Sure it does. Though walking vigorously will help better :)