Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fast Weight Loss Exercises and Tips

The best weight loss exercises are the aerobic exercises. As a matter of fact the cardio exercises are the secret to lose weight. Did you know that cardio exercises are the only proven exercises which burn calories at a sustainable rate? If you want to see results, you must work out for at least 2-4 weeks.

Firstly lower the amount of calories intake. And then increase the amount of calories your are burning. Thus when you are dieting without exercising, you actually fail. High intensity aerobics are the best way if you want to lose weight. You can set duration of 30-45 minutes daily for this regime. A continuous effort is necessary. In the beginning a 20 minute regime is fair enough. Some people find it difficult to work out on all days. So a 3 day regime is good for them. Remember the best time to perform cardio exercises is morning. This is because your carbohydrates are at a low this time.

But which exercises are best so as to achieve maximum results? Jogging, Stair climbing, cycling, brisk walking, treadmill exercises, ski machines, elliptical exercises are the best cardio exercises.


  1. This is inspiring enough for lazy bums like me to get moving and think of exrting a wee bit. Weight loss seemed like Mission Impossible-perhaps it can become possible if i seriously try.

  2. thanks for commenting on my post in the forums.. I really like eliptical machines because they are low impact on my knee since I have chronic knee problems. Do you know of any home excercises I can do that would be low impact for me?

  3. Sure Annie, I will let you know about the low impact exercises in the next post. Thanks for leaving a comment here :)