Friday, September 4, 2009

Basics of Gastric Banding

Gastric Banding or sometimes referred to as gastric band is a surgical way of reduction of stomach volume. It is performed via two types of procedures – gastric bypass or gastric banding. There are pros and cons of the surgical methods. While gastric banding is a reversible process, gastric bypass helps in achieving the results faster in weight loss.

The stomach reduces by almost 30 ml after both the surgeries. After the surgery the patient must reduce his or her food intake and remember to chew the food thoroughly rather than gulping it down.

But how is the surgery performed?

In the gastric bypass surgery the surgeons create a new stomach and at the same time connect it to your small intestine. In Gastric Banding the surgeons put a silicon band around the upper part of your stomach. This in turn creates a small reservoir and a passage that leads in a restricted manner to the lower stomach. Usually it takes two hours to perform this surgery.

What is techno behind it?

Most of the time doctors use laparoscopic technology for the gastric bypass procedure. In this the surgeons do not make incision on your stomach. They perform the surgery by employing a few video cameras and small incisions on your body. This is less painful and very cosmetic.

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