Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Effective Exercises to Lose Weight

A survey was conducted by the experts which, revealed that not all the exercises will make you lose weight. However, they pin-pointed 7 exercises that could really make the change. Thus incorporating these seven exercises in you work regime will bring about a significant change in your weight loss regime. This is what the experts opinionate:
1. One of the best and the most admired exercise is walking. It is very easy and builds your immune system and is a great cardio workout. However, people should choose to walk in the morning time as the oxygen levels are high which help in purifying the blood.
2. Interval training is yet another exercise that enhances your capacity to work out more and in turn helps in reducing weight.
3. The best strength exercise is the squats. This exercise works on your quadriceps, hamstrings and the gluteal muscles. Thus not only does it help in reducing weight, it also helps in building muscles.
4. Lunges are a bit difficult for a beginner. But this exercise helps the lower body and also improves the balance.
5. One of the most common exercises is the push-ups. Though a common one but did you what are its benefits? It strengthens chest, shoulders, triceps and the core muscles of the trunk.
6. How about some abdominal crunches? Popularly known as the ab crunches, these work on the abdominal muscles. They help in tightening the abdominal area while burning the fats deposited over there.
7. Bent over row exercise is extremely good for the upper back. The added advantage is that they help in strengthening the biceps too.

So in order to achieve maximum benefits, you must include the above mentioned exercises in your regular workout regime. Also eating a healthy diet that is loaded with nutrition is a must.


  1. Great article! I like that there are a variety of exercise options from which to choose. Do you have any ideas for low impact exercises, especially for people recovering from an injury?

  2. Hi Erica,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will cover that soon.