Monday, September 7, 2009

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

How much does an average woman gains during her pregnancy? Well, approximately 25 pounds! However, once the child birth has taken place, 14 pounds are lost. This means that the new moms still have approximately 11 pounds to lose. Some women are of the opinion that once they leave the hospital, the baby fat will not leave them in entirety although it may reduce a bit. But this is a wrong notion and your weight can be reduced during post partum period. The medical experts recommend some easy exercises and easy weight loss programs. But they do say not to diet for at least 3 months after the baby’s birth. In case you want weight loss after that you can combine a diet that has low fats with moderate level of exercises. It is not right to expect immediate results. And it may take approximately 9-10 months before you get back in your same denim. You must lose weight slowly as your body also needs to recover after childbirth.

Did you know that breastfeeding actually results in weight loss? This is because the hormones which are released when your are feeding, actually reduce the size of your uterus and try to bring it back to the normal size. Though for an enhanced result you have to mingle a good diet and moderate exercise plans. During the time you are breastfeeding you must consume at least 1800 calories to keep you and your baby healthy. The most important part of the entire phase is that you must steer away from the fast food. Highly nutritious food is more necessary than high calorific food.

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